Drone regulations in Sweden

Since February 2018, new laws have been in force for the use of camera drones in Sweden. The rules have been greatly simplified, and you do not require as many permits as before.

Drones are divided into several groups in Sweden. For drones under 7 kilograms (category 1), no permission is necessary anymore as long as you use your drone for recreational purposes. However, the copter must always be marked with the name and a telephone number of the operator.

Maximum altitude: In Sweden, multicopters may only be operated below 120 meters above ground.

Maximum horizontal distance and FPV: Your drone should only be operated within the direct line of sight.

Compulsory insurance: For the private use of drones up to a take-off mass of 25 kg no liability insurance required. Nevertheless, the Swedish Aviation Authority recommends making drone insurance.

Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): For a take-off weight below 7 kilograms, no further approval is necessary.

Distance to airports: You may operate your drone only in a distance of 5 kilometers or more to an airport’s runway.  This rule applies to airports with a control zone. To heliports, a distance of 1 kilometer must be considered.

Other safety distances: A safety distance should always be chosen so that no other persons, animals or objects are disturbed or endangered.

No-fly Zones:  NFZs can be checked on this map. Also, it is forbidden to use a drone during rescue operations.

Permits to fly: Conservation areas may require the consent of the nature conservation authority.

Operating hours: Flights at night are permitted in Sweden if the drone is equipped with the lighting required for night flights.

Special rules: If you want to publish your aerial footage (including YouTube or Facebook), you’ll need permission from the Lantmäteriet. This authority is responsible for protecting geographical data. To obtain approval, you must complete a form and then upload your recordings so the agency can review them. You can find more information about the process here.

Requirements for commercial pilots: Commercial pilots no longer need a permit from the Transport Authority. This requires approval for the publication of aerial photographs.

Good to know: If you want to fly within a control zone, then this is possible without special permission, as long as the drone does not fly faster than 90 km/h, flying not higher than 50 meters above the ground and a minimum distance of 5 kilometers to the runway of the airport comply. Around the military airports listed below, your drone is flying not higher than 10 meters: Karlsborg, Linköping / Malmen, Linköping / SAAB, Luleå / Kallax, Ronneby, Såtenäs, Uppsala, Vidsel, Visby, Hagschult, and Jokkmokk.

Helpful Links: Transport StyrelsenTransport Styrelsen

We have researched the drone rules for Sweden listed here to the best of our knowledge. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information. If you want to play it safe, then contact the Swedish Aviation Authority. Alternatively, you can ask the Swedish Embassy in Germany for more information on the regulations. Please leave a comment when you hear news or have your own experiences with your copter in Sweden!